CommandLine.Parse<T> method signature wrong


int CommandLine.Parse<T>(string[] args)
For this overload of the Parse() method, we will not have access to the created T program object. Only the program mode is returned. However, we will need to access the program object in order to read parameter properties, values set in the switch methods, etc.
Can we change the method's signature to:
int CommandLine.Parse<T>(string[] args, out T program)
Closed Jul 17, 2007 at 11:37 PM by jeevanjj


jeevanjj wrote Jul 10, 2007 at 2:03 PM

This will require that the CommandLine.Execute() method signature changes. It should now be:

int Execute(bool callExecutor, out object program)

jeevanjj wrote Jul 10, 2007 at 8:46 PM

Added an additional overload for CommandLine.Execute() of the form:

int Execute<T>(bool callExecutor, out T program)

and changed the CommandLine.Parse<T> method accordingly.

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