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Project Description

ConsoleFx is a .NET library to build command-line applications with support for command-line argument parsing/handling, including error handling and validations

Using the ConsoleFx command-line parser, you can specify a whole host of conditions for specifying command-line arguments. These can include the ability to:
  • Enforce the order of the command-line arguments
  • Specify switch options and limit the number of times they can occur as command-line arguments
  • Allow parameters to be specified for switch options, and limit the number of parameters that can be specified
  • Specify non-switch arguments and how they are to be used
  • Run custom validations on switch parameters and non-switch arguments, including tests for regular expressions, file masks, integers, booleans, enums, etc.
  • Automatically map non-switch arguments to strong-typed properties for easier readability

In addition, ConsoleFx also provides the following extras:
  • A separate command-line parsing engine that can be used in non-CLI applications like Windows Forms and WPF applications.
  • Ability to create an interactive command-line shell application that utilizes ConsoleFx's build-in parser to handle input.
  • Utility classes for console output capturing and extensions to the Console class. We plan to add other utility classes in the future, making it the all-in-one solution for creating your command-line applications.

We have a large documentation section with Getting Started guides, advanced topics and references for ConsoleFx. In particular, check out our Getting Started guide to writing a simple console application to get a quick start on using ConsoleFx.


ConsoleFx provides a fluent API for specifying the rules for processing command-line arguments.

For example, the following code creates a command-line application that supports these signatures:
BACKUP [/type:Full|Incremental] [/verbose] <directory to backup>

var backupApp = new ConsoleProgram(includeHelpSupport: true);
backupApp.AddOption("type", "t", expectedParameters: 1)
    .ValidateWith(new EnumValidator(typeof(BackupTypes))))
    .AssignTo(() => BackupType);
backupApp.AddOption("verbose", "v")
    .Flag(() => VerboseOutput);
    .ValidateWith(new PathValidator { PathType = PathType.Directory, CheckIfExists = true })
    .AssignTo(() => DirectoryToBackup);

NuGet Support

The ConsoleFx binaries and code are now available through NuGet. See the ConsoleFx assemblies and deployment scenarios section for scenarios on using the code packages.

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