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ConsoleFx roadmap

ConsoleFx 1.0 is currently in beta, and it's feature-set has been frozen for this release. We will be releasing a few 1.x point releases as minor updates. We have started planning the feature-set for 2.0 and later versions. Here are some of the items we have in mind. If you'd like a feature to be included, please add a feature request to the Issue Tracker and categorize it as a feature request for ConsoleFx 2.0.

Version 1.x

Series of minor updates to provide the following:
  • Support for NuGet
  • Full XML doc comments for generating documentation
  • Language packs for the ConsoleFx resources to provide out-of-the-box support for multiple languages. We haven't yet decided the languages we'll be providing... it depends on the availability of translators.
  • Support for unit testing

Version 2.0

  • Support for multi-context apps using declarative framework
Currently, the declarative (attribute-based) model for building CLI applications only supports simple scenarious, namely a single functionality and optional usage help.
This version will add support to the declarative API for building multi-functionality console applications.
  • Improvements to the interactive shell

Version 3.0 Features

Command-line improvements

Support for multiple command-line format schemes

Version 1.0 supports only the standard DOS command-line format. The next version will support multiple formats, including the UNIX formats.

Support for sub-commands

Add support for the second token in the command-line to be considered a sub-command.

FILEOP Copy C:\Temp\Readme.txt D:\Temp
FILEOP Delete C:\Temp\Readme.txt
FILEOP Attrib -R -H

Support for switches in options with + and -

Allow options to be turned on or off using + and - (minus) symbols instead of the usual parameter format

ATTRIB -R+ -H- C:\Temp\Readme.txt

Support for multiple arguments

Allow multiple arguments to be specified in a single specification.

Support for multiple option short names

Allow options to have multiple short names, instead of the one that is allowed currently.

Support for mutually-exclusive options

Currently, for a given context, we cannot specify that two or more options can be mutually exclusive, but required. We can make all the options optional, but that means that the user need not specify any or the user can specify multiple.
Allow multiple required mutually-exclusive options.

Improvements to interactive shell

  • Add support for tab auto-completion of commands and file system objects
  • Add support for case-sensitive commands

GUI front-end for ConsoleFx applications

The GUI front-end tool is a WinForms application that accepts a ConsoleFx application as a command-line parameter and display an appropriate GUI to input the options and arguments.
In order to enable support for being used in the GUI front-end tool, ConsoleFx applications must embed a special manifest file in their executable file. A new method to generate the manifest data will be added to the ConsoleProgram classes.

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